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Why We're Better - What "better" means to us...

With all of the other coupon books in the area, why should you choose the Better Coupon Book for your advertising needs?

The Better Coupon Book remains Lee County’s best direct marketing coupon book, offering business owners the opportunity to have their ad in over 150,000 mailboxes each month, for about a penny per home. The Better Coupon Book does not require contracts, yet maintains over a 90% renewal rate each month. Why? Because the book works. Here are just a few reasons why our customers choose The Better Coupon Book:

  • No contracts [Read More]
  • Better Coupon Book does not require contracts. It is important that your advertising is successful at providing a good return on your investment and driving traffic to your door. If our book doesn’t work for you, you are under no obligation to continue to advertise. However, even without contracts, our customers keep coming back. Every month over 90% of our clients renew their advertisement. Many of our customers have been with us for several years! Bottom line... the book just works!
  • Professional Graphic Design at no additional cost [Read More]
  • The Better Coupon Book employs some of the area’s best graphic design talent and provides complete graphic services at no additional cost. With close to 20 years of graphic design experience, our team is focused on displaying your company in the most professional and attractive presentation possible.
  • Direct mail for about a penny per home [Read More]
  • By breaking our mailing area up into five separate zones, each zone comprised of several zip codes, you as a local business owner are able to target the area immediately surrounding your store. With an affordable cost of approximately $10 per thousand, which is approximately a penny per home, the Better Coupon Book the least expensive, most effective direct mail advertising available.
  • Repeat Viewing [Read More]
  • Who says size doesn’t matter? When it comes to coupon books, it does. Our book contains 56 pages of advertising while most other books in the area are only 28 pages. With more people advertising in our book, our book stays in the house longer. With better in home retention, your ad gets more views! With increased viewing, you will see an increase in the traffic to your business!
  • Call to Action [Read More]
  • Better Coupon Book’s sales team works hard with you, as the business owner, to give readers a specific reason to come to your business. Our “call to action” brand of advertisement compels people to choose your business over a competitor and helps build your business.
  • Diversified Marketing [Read More]
  • Diversified Marketing – Better Coupon Book knows the importance of diversifying the marketing for your business. In addition to advertising in the Coupon Book, we can assist you with flyers, table tents, business cards, web design, social media marketing and more!

Proving that advertising should not cost, but rather should pay, the Better Coupon Book can help you achieve a 3 to 1 return on your investment. Expanding our marketing solutions, to include flyers, web design, social media marketing and more! Contact us today to customize the advertising solution that works best for you!