Example Of Our Coupon Book

Established in 1991, The Better Coupon Book is now the most unique, sought after FREE DIRECT MAILED coupon book in Cape Coral & Fort Myers. Our coupon book includes coupons that will save you money at area restaurants, attractions, shopping destinations, local services and more!

It is the Cape Coral & Fort Myers area's most valuable coupon book.

We designed our Coupon Books to be easily carried by your prospective customer. Instead of a large and bulky book, our slim Coupon book is made for locals and visitors to carry in their pocket. Hence making your coupon BETTER to be conveniently redeemed.

We offer our full circulation of Approx. 150,000 to increase your sales and community exposure by direct mailing your coupon to great demographics in Cape Coral & Fort Myers.

100% Trackability! The BETTER COUPON BOOK is delivered the first Tuesday of every month

alongside the Win Dixie and other chain store sale papers, insuring positive exposure.